How to Get on Google News in 2024 – Full Guide

Increasing search traffic to your website is essential for gaining more visibility and reaching a wider audience. One effective way to achieve this is by having your content featured on Google News. Contrary to popular belief, getting on Google News is not as challenging as it may seem, and you don’t need to be associated with a major media company. The key lies in publishing newsworthy and valuable content while optimizing your website for easy understanding by Google’s algorithm. In this blog, I will guide you through the step-by-step process of getting your content on Google News.

What is Google News?

Google News was launched by Google in 2018.

Google News is a stream of articles that are automatically sorted from thousands of magazines and news publications around the globe.

Google News is powered by Google’s algorithm. This means that you can benefit from Google’s algorithm, which organises all the news in the world into one place.

Google will show you the most recent articles based on the topics you select.

This content is sourced from thousands of publishers around the globe.

Google doesn’t only show you the major media sites. Google regularly highlights smaller blogs and content websites with interesting articles.

This is how you can take advantage of the situation!

Why do websites want to be on Google News?

Google News is estimated to have 280,000,000 users in the world.

This is a large number of users. You can put your website in front of thousands every day with the right content. Some websites rely solely on Google News to drive traffic.

This is how powerful it really is!

What’s the best part about it?

This traffic is highly targeted.

Google News users are interested in content that is tailored to their needs, so you can rest assured that the traffic your business receives will be relevant.

This means that you will be putting…

  • The right audience
  • The right time

You can’t get any better than this!

Google News isn’t just for this reason…

Google News is trusted by 60% more than other news sources.

Google News is a great opportunity to expand your business in a new way.

Do I Need To Submit My Site To Google News?

When Google News was launched at that time you had to submit your website to be featured.

This is no longer true.

Google is now so intelligent that it can search for your content by itself.

It is still recommended to submit your website to Google Publisher Centre because of the many benefits it offers.

A team of Googlers manually reviews all new applications that are to be added to Google News. Make sure to take your time and follow each step.

How to:

Go to

Click “Add your Publication” after logging in to google account and you will see the below screen

Add your website URL and the name of the website along with the country and the primary language of the website. Once you enter the details please click on “Add Publication”.

You need to verify the site using Google Search console and the steps to verify are as below

Read full guide on google search console

Click on “Publication Settings” which you can find under “Manage your publication and your organization”. Scroll down to “Primary Website Property URL”.

Last but not least, your Google News brand should be designed and customized to make it appealing to readers and visitors.

The Google News app will also require you to create the correct sections.

Fill out the “Google News Brand and Customisation” tab.

Google ensures that you:

  1. Your site should be properly classified.
  2. Get your content quickly.

Google News Tips: 7x tips to help you get your website on Google News

You are now ready to learn to consistently get Google News.

You only need to implement these seven tips.

1. Create a Google News Sitemap

Every website should have a sitemap.

Imagine an XML Sitemap as a road map for your entire website. It ensures that Google can find and index all pages properly.

To get on Google News you will need to create a sitemap that is specific to news.

You can create a sitemap with only your most recent articles, just as you would have an XML Sitemap that highlights all pages on your website.

Google will know what to highlight if you use this feature.

Your Google News sitemap must contain content that has been published within the last 72-hours.

The “latest news” is the focus of all news. You will notice that Google News only displays your content for a few days.

Google wants to only show its users the most recent news.

How to create a Google News Sitemap?

The Rank Math plugin is my go-to because it has a tool specifically for Google News. Install Rank Math to your website if you haven’t done so already.

Click on “Rank Math” and then click on “ Dashboard”. Scroll down to the News Sitemap. This toggles on.

You will need to purchase a premium license for this feature. However, it is well worth the price.

Click on the “News sitemaps”.

Click “Save” to save your changes. Click to “Save”.

Rank Math adds NewsArticle structured information to every post in your sitemap. This will help you to get more featured snippets on the SERPs.

Copy the News Sitemap URL, and Upload it to Google Search Console.

RankMath also has a feature that ensures maximum distribution of news content.

Click on any post and then select the Advanced tab in the Rank Math widget.

Scroll down to News Index.

Mark each new post of news with the “Index” label. This will tell Google News Bot that your article is news.

It will still be able to find the URL and index it, even if Google missed it in the sitemap. This also helps other search engine like , Bing, and Yahoo!

In case you are not aware of sitemap then do read the article on what is sitemap and to generate it free in blogger or wordpress

2. Google News Guidelines: Follow them to the letter

Google News has its very own guidelines.

If you want your news to appear in Google News, then you’ll have to follow these rules. That’s it.

What are the guidelines?

You need to adhere to three types of guidelines:

  1. General Guidelines
  2. Technical Guidelines
  3. Quality Guidelines

Do not worry, this is easier than it sounds. Here’s a breakdown on each type of rule and how you can ensure that your compliance is correct.

1. General Content Guidelines

Google News’ guidelines focus on ensuring high-quality content.

Three things are important to keep in mind:

  • Type of Content– The content should be current, relevant and interesting.
  • Original and Readable– Make sure that the content is original and easily readable.
  • Trustworthy — Your content should be based on expert knowledge and reliable information.

You are now a Google News Publisher and you will be adopting a journalistic style. Your content should be of the same quality as a journalist working in your field.

2. Technical Guidelines

Google uses an algorithm for discovering and processing your content.

Google will only process content that contains and elements.

You already have most of the technical components in place, because you’ve set up your Google News Publisher Account and then used Rank Math to complete the rest.

It is not necessary to do anything else but:

  • The URLs of posts are optimized and descriptive
  • Anchor text for internal and external links must be accurate
  • The content is only available in HTML.

Check out the list of all requirements to double-check everything.

3. Quality Guidelines

Google wants only to show quality news to users.

Bottom line, you must have high-quality and accurate content that is beneficial to your audience. You won’t succeed without it.

Google does a pretty good job of figuring out what is real and what isn’t.

You should always make sure that:

  • Has good depth
  • Include variation
  • A clear opinion is based on the facts
  • Statistics and relevant data

Just ask yourself: Would a reputable news website publish this?

This question will help you stay on track to meet the quality guidelines.

3. Format your content properly

The formatting of content is often overlooked.

It is true that the right formatting of your content can make all the difference in getting lots of views on Google News or none at all.

Use multimedia throughout your content (images and videos, animated gifs, etc.) to help readers visualize what you’re saying.

Google understands text well. Google is good at text, but they need some help with visual elements such as videos and images.

You should also add descriptive file names and ALT text.

4. Keep your URLs descriptive, short & simple

Google News will give you more credit if your URL is short and easy to remember. 

Google uses URLs for better understanding of your content

  • Your page will be more clear with URLs
  • URLs explain your topic

Google’s algorithm will read your page from top to bottom. Your URL is one of the places Google will start.

If you use a lot of random characters, it’s hard to make a good impression.

It’s important to get it right on the first try.

Choose a URL that is descriptive, concise, and SEO friendly.

5. Optimise Your Pages

It is important to help the algorithm understand your articles if you want it to be included in Google News.

While many people believe that SEO is a way of manipulating search engines to rank higher, this is not true.

SEO on-page helps Google understand your website and pages.

You will be ranked higher.

The following are the most important factors in SEO for Google News:

  • Page structure is important with headings and subsections
  • Short optimised URL
  • Unique content
  • Meta-description and title optimized
  • Internal Linking
  • Include relevant videos and images
  • Fast Website Speed

6. Signals to Increase E.E.A.T.

Google released E.A.T, a set of guidelines for quality content in 2014 and added additional ‘E’ in Dec 2022.

Since then, it has become the standard for creating content that you want Google’s ranking.

E.E.A.T is an acronym for:

  • Experience
  • Expertise
  • Authoritativeness
  • Trustworthiness

Simply put – these three words define exactly what content a site visitor should see when they read it.

Increase your E.E.A.T signal to increase the number of articles that appear in Google News.

How can you improve your E.E.A.T?

You can start by doing these 5 things right away:

  1. Your articles should include clear sources and your experience around the field should be visible
  2. Make your articles completely unique
  3. Make sure that the content you publish is real and transparent
  4. Data and facts are essential to support your arguments
  5. Add a brief author bio with a link to your complete bio

E.A.T. plays a vital role in news articles. Google must be convinced that you’re a trusted expert who creates authoritative content for its users.

Google News will include you more if your E.E.A.T. signals are higher.

7. Create Newsworthy Content

It may seem obvious…

You’d be surprised at how many people do not understand the newsworthy content.

The following is a list of newsworthy content:

  • Timely
  • Topic specific
  • Consider your audience when choosing a target audience
  • Included are data and facts
  • Original and unique

Newsworthy content that stands out is accurate and informative about a subject (or story) which your customers will be interested in.

Content that is newsworthy does not include “how-to” or “10 tips” type content. Google News won’t index content like this.

You’re right, it makes perfect sense.

You should provide them with real, recent news about your industry.

A Google News producer who is good at their job will have a process in place that allows them publish newsworthy content consistently.

This is the secret to getting tons of traffic through Google News!


It is a constant challenge to get your content in front more readers.

Google News is a great way for website owners to increase traffic.

Google News is a great tool for small and medium-sized websites. It can drive thousands of visitors each month to their website.

Track your progress by implementing each of the seven tips listed above.

You’ll be surprised at how fast Google News will pick up and display your content.

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