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Answer the Public by Pavan agrawal

What is answer the public

Answer the public tool helps in generating long tail keywords and is based on the google search. It automatically genrates Question keywords which consist of complete questions that people type into Google when looking for specific answers. Question keywords generally start with words like How, Where, When, What and Who. Question keywords tend to be long-tail keywords and very specific. For example, "how high is Mount Kilimanjaro", "who is the richest person in America", and "where is the best place to live in Spain." We have created the tool to help our audience by generating long tail keyword using hte google auto search feature.

Do question keywords help improve SEO?

Yes, question keywords are great for SEO and can help improve a website's ranking. Answering question keywords demonstrates niche expertise, which Google loves. Often question based keywords have high search volume and low competition, which makes them easier to rank for.

How to Find Keyword Questions?

The first question you might have is how to find question keywords for your clients?
Thankfully, there are many SEO tools and processes that will help you find highly relevant question keywords. One of the best tools that you can find online is Deepawali Questions Generator tool.
Let's jump in and find some questions:

From your search browser, go to and click on the "Question Generator tool" icon. In your search browser, you can also copy and paste the URL. It will launch the programme. To begin searching, input the term here and click "Generate." A list of keyword questions will be returned by the application after a search for questions.