Understanding Google AMP Pages: Benefits and Drawbacks Explained

Explore the essentials of Google AMP Pages, including their full form, benefits, and drawbacks. This guide offers valuable insights for bloggers looking to enhance their site’s performance and user experience.

Have you installed Google AMP Pages in your blog, but do you know about their advantages and disadvantages? If not, in this article, I will tell you about the full form of Google AMP Pages and their pros and cons.

Bloggers who write blogs must know something about Google AMP Pages. If you are a new blogger and you don’t know about Google AMP Pages, then you will get all the information from my article on Google AMP Pages Full Form Pros and Cons.

Google AMP Pages Full Form Pros and Cons

What are Google AMP Pages and What is Their Full Form?

The full form of Google AMP Pages is Accelerated Mobile Pages. If we look towards the literal meaning of its name, we understand what AMP stands for. AMP Pages are those that increase the loading speed of a website, meaning they enhance the loading time of any website’s page after it is clicked. This results in the website’s page opening as quickly as possible, thereby improving the website’s speed.

Why are Google AMP Pages Needed?

In 2021, readers have very little time and access to high-speed data networks. Hence, every reader wants the topic they searched for to be available to read as soon as they click on it. However, if this does not happen, they easily close the website and move to another one.

For example, if a reader searched for “What is SEO?” and then clicked on your article, but your article takes time to load, it results in a poor experience for the reader on your website, and due to longer loading times, they might open another website.

This results in two disadvantages: first, your website’s Bounce Rate increases, and second, your website starts to rank lower in Google SERP, meaning it goes down. Therefore, Google AMP Pages are very important for any website.

What Platforms are Google AMP Pages Specifically Designed For?

Google AMP Pages are specifically designed for mobile. AMP is an open-source framework that works easily on mobile. In today’s time, it has been observed that most people use mobile over desktop laptops for internet browsing. Hence, it’s very important to have a website that is mobile-friendly.

Google AMP Pages increase the speed of any website and make their website mobile-friendly. Websites that take longer to load, if they use Google AMP Pages, these pages become easily available on mobile. No matter how much content is on the website, it opens on the mobile screen in no time.

Google AMP Pages include HTML, JavaScript, and cache libraries that make any website very beautiful and user-friendly. Pages load quickly and open instantly upon clicking while mobile browsing.

What are the Benefits of Google AMP Pages?

Google AMP Pages will greatly benefit your website. Here I have mentioned 6 ways they help, which are as follows;

1. Increases the Speed of the Website

The most important benefit is that it increases the speed of the website. That is, during browsing, as soon as the website’s pages are clicked, they open on the screen, saving the user’s time. Users can read their preferred data without any hassle, which improves the website’s performance, and users start liking your website.

2. Very Important for Content-Based Websites

Websites that provide important information to users are very well served by Google AMP Pages. Google AMP Pages reduce the loading time of their website and easily make data available to the user.

3. Benefits to the Server

The use of Google AMP Pages also benefits the site’s server because the site’s loading time automatically decreases due to Google AMP Pages, reducing the stress on the server and improving the server’s performance.

4. Protects the Website from Negative Impacts

In today’s time, every reader has high-speed data. Therefore, they want their time to be saved and the website page to be present in front of them as soon as they click, but typically, websites take time to open on mobile. However, websites that use Google AMP Pages open easily on mobile browsing, preventing negative impacts on those websites.

5. Positive Effect on Ranking

Since Google AMP Pages increase the speed of the website and it opens easily on mobile, the website’s ranking on the mobile search engine improves. Although Google AMP Pages do not have a direct positive effect on website ranking, if a website is liked more by users, it has a positive impact.

What are the Drawbacks of Google AMP Pages?

If there are benefits to something, there are also drawbacks. Similarly, there are some drawbacks to Google AMP Pages, which are as follows;

1. Video Content Loading Becomes Slow

According to Scand.com, Google AMP Pages reduce the loading speed of video content in any website.

 2. Decrease in Revenue

AMP Pages, in order to improve the speed of the website, show only valuable content to its readers. In this situation, the website shows fewer Google Ads, which affects revenue, and the revenue from ads decreases.

 3. Negative Impact on Shopping Websites

Since AMP Pages do not show heavy content, meaning they do not upload things like videos and photos, and images are used the most on shopping websites, not uploading images would have a negative impact on the site.

How Does Google AMP Work on a Website?

In 2021, as most people use mobile, it is very important for a website to be mobile-friendly. Therefore, AMP pages do just that. They optimize any website so that it can be easily made available on mobile. To do this, the website owner enables AMP pages on their website, optimizing it.

Under this, AMP pages first show only the content that is very necessary to their readers and the content that uploads slowly. Google gives them second priority, so the website opens quickly.

To perform this process, Google AMP Pages store your website’s data in their cache memory. As soon as a query related to your website comes in, it makes the data stored in its cache available to the reader, resulting in the site opening quickly in the browser.

What is AMP Theme I have explained this in a better way in my other article. You must read it too. This article is also going to be very useful for you.

How are AMP Pages Set Up?

1Since AMP pages are a kind of plugin, to enable AMP pages in any website, we need to add the AMP Plugin to the website.
2After installing this plugin, the settings for AMP pages are done, which the Website Owner can do according to their requirement, like how they want their site’s views to be and how to present their data to the user.
3After all settings are done according to preference, saving and publishing immediately sets up AMP pages on the Website.

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