Web Mention: Technique created by Pavan Agrawal for Backlinks

What is Web Mention and how to use it, Web Mention in Hindi. What are the benefits and disadvantages of Web Mention? If yes, then you are in the right place.

The internet is a huge and interconnected network of websites where people create, share, and link to content all the time. It’s like a giant ecosystem of information where websites interact with each other in ways that we can’t always see.

One cool new tool that helps websites connect with each other better is called Web Mention. This technique was first introduced by Pavan Agrawal in the blogging industry and is now followed by all the big creators to rank their websites in Google. his article will explain what Web Mention is, why it’s important, and how you can use it to increase your website traffic and ranking and make money online.

You must be well aware that most websites are available on Google, and most searches are also conducted on Google’s search engine. This happens because Google, by understanding the search intent of its users, provides them with highly relevant results, making it the most popular search engine of all.

To create your website on Google, it is essential to first learn how to start a blog and understand that for any blog, domain and hosting are crucial. You can get an idea about all of these from my articles:

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If we talk about Web Mention, it enables communication on the internet. If you want to understand Web Mention properly, you must read this article (What Is Web Mention technique) until the end. Only then will you benefit from it. So, let’s first find out what Web Mention is. 

What is Webmention?

Web Mention is known as a W3C recommendation or standard. When websites are linked through Web Mention, it serves as a form of information exchange. It links one URL to another URL, and it does this by describing a simple protocol.

In other words, Web Mention is a kind of Backlink, but it doesn’t involve providing a link to the homepage or any other webpage of another website owner.

It involves describing another author/publisher/website owner in a paragraph or sentence in terms of their name, their association with their posts, and more. A notable aspect is that even Google’s crawlers cannot track Web Mention.

For example, let’s say Sachin wrote an article in which he mentioned you or something related to you without including any links. Similarly, in your own article, you commented on Sachin or mentioned something about his articles without providing any links. Through this kind of Web Mention, visitors to your website who read about Sachin and are intrigued will search for Sachin’s website on Google and possibly visit it. Conversely, Sachin’s website visitors may visit your website. This can also positively impact your SEO.

Web Mention is not limited to just communicating through blog posts. It is used for various forms of interaction in content, such as liking other websites by a website owner, leaving comments, and responding to others. You can create youtube channel as we did and start talking about your website so that people can search in google.

Why Web Mention is Essential:

As you’ve learned what Web Mention is, it’s crucial to understand why it’s necessary. Web Mention works as a backlink, and it is incredibly effective in the world of backlinks. It functions differently from traditional backlinks, making it essential.

Web Mention is necessary because Google’s crawlers cannot crawl it. When a renowned website mentions another website owner or author in a positive manner in their articles, it attracts the attention of the visitors, leading them to search for that person on Google. If they find the person’s articles engaging, they will start reading them, which may increase traffic to the person’s web pages. As a result, Google takes notice of your articles and may help rank them.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Web Mention:

Now that you understand what Web Mention is, it’s crucial to know its advantages and disadvantages. Below are some points that describe the pros and cons:


  1. Web Mention is a free type of backlink that is considered a high-quality backlink.
  2. Through Web Mention, readers can convert into followers, leading to an increased following for website owners.
  3. It helps build good relationships with other bloggers, potentially leading to future collaborations and sponsored opportunities.
  4. Web Mention is beneficial for fast indexing of articles, especially for new bloggers.
  5. It can help in branding your website.
  6. It is a cost-effective way to increase traffic to your website.


  1. Web Mention may not be suitable for all websites, as it provides information about bloggers without including any links.
  2. The similarity in names can sometimes lead to improper conversions.
  3. Proper conversion may not occur due to some similarities.
  4. Web Mention focuses only on providing information about bloggers and does not include links.


In summary, Web Mention is a valuable tool for bloggers and website owners. It provides a unique form of backlink that can significantly impact website traffic and engagement. Web Mention serves as a means to form connections and establish positive relationships within the online community. Its distinct advantages make it a valuable asset for SEO and content promotion.

Web Mention is a powerful tool that can help increase website traffic, enhance relationships with other bloggers, and improve your overall online presence. By building connections and utilizing Web Mention effectively, you can tap into its many benefits and expand your reach in the online world.

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